Case Study > Swift Member Outreach to Mitigate Defection


A health Insurance organization and HPOne client since our inception needed to mitigate potential membership defection.


Our client was concerned that when they changed the name and associated benefits for an Individual/Family Plan product, tens of thousands of members on the plan might defect. The client needed a remedy to mitigate potential member disenrollment.


HPOne faced an ambitious goal to contact all 50,000 members within just six weeks to stay ahead of the open enrollment season. Never intimidated by aggressive goals, our team got right to work.

  • 1. Member-Centric Messaging

    Our team created a member centric automated outbound message with an option to speak with an expert agent. This helped to manage the call volume while helping to quell potential member concern.

  • 2. Expert Timing

    Using metrics and workforce management analytics, we timed the outbound messaging to ensure ample coverage for inbound call handling.

  • 3. Focused Sales Strategy

    Our highly-trained agents were available to those inbound members seeking additional information, plan options, and guidance for open enrollment.


We always seek to exceed thresholds and client expectations. Originally tasked with contacting all 50,000 members within a six-week timeline, our team accomplished this goal in half the time. All 50,000 members were reached within a total of three weeks, helping the client minimize untold membership losses.